Ultimate Goldfinch Mix

Suitable for feeding from:

Contains a variety of seeds and grains perfect for attracting colourful Finches including Goldfinches, Greenfinches, Chaffinches and Siskins. Can be fed all year round from a bird table or seed feeder.

Available in: 2KG, 12.75KG

Canary Seed, Nyger, Red Millet, Black Rape, Black Sunflower, Yellow Millet, Linseed, Cut Wheat, Hemp, Sunflower Hearts, Oystershell Grit, Soya Oil

Nutritional Information

Protein 15.6%, Fat 15%, Fibre 17.5%, Moisture 9.1%, Ash 3.8%

Energy Equivalent

364 KCal/100gms

Where to Buy

This feed will attract the following birds to your garden...